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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Joint Discomfort

Are You Suffering With Joint Discomfort?

If you’re suffering from joint discomfort you’ve probably tried a variety of supplements. Tedious gels, pills, powders, and creams. But how well do they really work?

It seems like every year joint companies tout the next big thing. Revolutionary… ground breaking… shocking. But it seems like the only change is bigger pills and more talk.

That’s why it’s so exciting to see real evolution in the joint market. Two new ingredients in particular have been causing shockwaves in the joint market. UC-II® and patented Aprèsflex.

UC-II® is a new form of denatured type II collagen. Interest in collagen use began 20 years ago when researchers discovered positive results with un-denatured collagen. More recently researchers discovered that denatured collagen is more concentrated and thus more powerful. A recent Harvard University study showed that people with rheumatoid arthritis who took undenatured type II collagen experienced significant relief. UC-II is a patented, highly concentrated type II version of collagen.

Aprèsflex is a highly concentrated form of boswellia serrata, a rare tropical plant. Boswellia serrata has been shown to ’switch off’ the pro-inflammatory cytokines and mediators that often lead to joint discomfort.

These highly concentrated ingredients are found in the new proprietary formula: "Beneflex".

Beneflex is a powerful alternative to more traditional joint products. The entire compound fits into a single, tiny capsule taken once-daily. No more horse pills. Tedious gels, powders, drinks, or creams.

And Beneflex can provide relief from joint discomfort in just 7 days…
Suggested benefits include:

•    Fast relief from joint discomfort
•    No glucosamine or chondroitin
•    New patented ingredients
•    Safe and drug-free
•    Gluten free!
•    Shell-fish free!

To boost the effectiveness of the UC-II® and Aprèsflex, the nutritional researchers included two additional ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid and Turmeric. Hyaluronic Acid is found in healthy joints; it forms protective structures around the cells in joints. Turmeric is used in Asian cooking and provides additional joint relief by lowering histamine levels and increasing production of a natural cortisone that helps with joint discomfort.

Beneflex is made in US Laboratories and is carried in GNC stores nationwide. And while Beneflex is a new product, it’s already a national sponsor of the Arthritis Foundation.

If you have joint discomfort and other products have failed to help you in the past, try Beneflex. Due to popular request, the manufacturer has made samples available online to qualifying customers. You can also find Beneflex in GNC stores nationwide

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