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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Teen Texting & Driving Accidents

New Technology Prevents Teen Texting & Driving Accidents

Parents have enough to worry about when their teenagers start driving, but when texting and other distractions are factored in, the risk of an accident increases dramatically. In fact, a person is 23 times more likely to crash if they text while driving, and with cell phones becoming ubiquitous these days, combined with a teenager’s inexperience behind the wheel, it can be a recipe for disaster. Currently, among drivers 15-19 years old involved in fatal crashes, 21% were distracted by the use of cell phones, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Teenage drivers tend to be reckless while driving, according to a 2011 Ad Council survey. Of the young adult drivers surveyed, 77% said they are confident or somewhat confident that they can safely text while driving. Also, while teenagers are texting and driving, they spend about 10% of the time outside the lane they are supposed to be in. 
Young adult drivers are especially prone to multiple distractions, and parents of teen drivers cannot realistically supervise their driving all the time. Thankfully there are some companies that offer affordable products, which provide at least some peace of mind to parents.

Anti-Collision Technology

Recently, there have been great advances in auto safety technology to avoid deadly crashes, like Collision Avoidance Radar and Lane Departure Cameras. Safe Drive Systems is a leading developer and distributor of these advanced, active auto safety technologies. They specialize in adapting the same types of advanced safety systems offered in luxury cars for all vehicle owners.

While accidents are not totally preventable, aftermarket anti-collision products like these can dramatically reduce the risk of teen drivers being involved in serious car accidents. Their Premier System alerts the driver with audio and visual warnings when approaching another vehicle too closely. Their Premier Plus System combines collision prevention alerts with active monitoring to warn the driver when they are moving out of their lane without signaling. The key for parents is selecting the right system for their situation.

The Cost of Safety

The NHTSA recommends that drivers install Forward Collision and Lane Departure Warning systems, but with financial uncertainty still lingering, affordable solutions can seem unrealistic to parents. While many newer luxury vehicles offer Forward Collision and Lane Departure Warning systems, this was and is not an option in most vehicles. However, Safe Drive Systems offers safety systems with similar advanced technology that can be adapted to any car for much less than one might think, making them amongst the first affordable aftermarket systems – like those the NHTSA recommends. With so much at stake, can one really afford not to have this innovative technology protecting their teen when they are behind the wheel?

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